Mr. Claude.
Tours the World Singing
SHELLADELIC - A true entertainer on stage.
Mr. Coop Da Ville The Funkiest Bass Player Around
Rymand is young, talented and GIFTED on keys...
Honest Abe commands the stage and keeps us all in time.
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The Dudes of San Diego

There are many Funk and R&B bands out there, but do you have the best quality  & Energy represented. 


The Dudes of San Diego is comprised of 4 extremely talented band mates and fronted by a  Highly Talented Singer. 

These gentlemen have shared the stage with legends and have been on stage performing for many years. 


They know what to do and they do it well. 


What The Dudes of San Diego bring to your event is phenomenal infectious energy. 


We stand out because of what we do on stage.  


I promise energy every time,

because we only work with the most professional!


Come hang with The Dudes of San Diego


Follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

We will see you at our next show.

always professional

Full of personality & fun

Kusi Performance

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